Tile Roofing

Clay roof tiles bring warmth and character to the appearance of a building. When selecting the appropriate material for your roofing project, three elements must be considered. The overall Design of the project, the Quality of the material selected to supplement the design, and can the selected material fit within the Budget of the project. They are available in a wide variety of permanent of patterns and colors.

Tile Patterns

Corona Tapered Mission

Oriental Style

Turret Tile

Classic Tapered Mission

Improved S Tile

MF108 Flat

One Piece "S" Mission

Tile Colors

RB47 Imperial Peach

2F47 Peach Buff

CF62 Apricot Smoke w/F46

RB01 True Buff

CF50 Apricot Buff

CC133L-R Ivory Smoke Light

CC133M-R Ivory Smoke Medium

CC135D-R Rustic Red Dark

F40 Natural Red

2F18 Cinnamon

2F43 Brick Red

F45 Tobacco Crown Flash

2F45 Tobacco

2F23 Canyon Red

F41 Traditional Crown Flash

2F72 Mahogany

CC139 Vintage Red

CC136L-R Cafe Rustic Light

CC136M-R Cafe Rustic Medium

2F25 Wineberry

2F22 Burnt Sienna

2F19 Ironwood

CC16L-R Santa Barbara Light

CC16D-R Santa Barbara Dark

CC134L-R Taupe Smoke Light

CC134L-R Taupe Smoke Light

CC134M-R Taupe Smoke Medium

CC134D-R Taupe Smoke Dark

2F28 Carbon

2F51 Adobe Black

2F52 Regency Blue

CC56 Regal Blue

RB45 Santa Fe Brown

2F99 Desert Sand

2F34 Carmel

CC135L-R Rustic Red Light

CC135M-R Rustic Red Medium

RB46 Navajo Gold

F44 White Buff

RB39 Sandstone

F46 Adobe Gold Crown Flash

2F46 Adobe Gold

CF51 Vanilla Buff

F47 Peach Buff Crown Flash

CC138L-R Zorro Light

CC133D-R Ivory Smoke Dark

CC138M-R Zorro Medium

CC138D-R Zorro Dark

CC60 Pale Gray

2F71 Adobe Gray

CC136D-R Cafe Rustic Dark

CF25 Moss Green

2F53 Lt. Cactus Green

CC47 Aloha Green

2F49 Kamehameha Green

CC137L Weathered Green Light

CC137M Weathered Green Medium

CC137D Weathered Green Dark

2F62 Seagreen

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